BJJ Soulmate

I think I just found my BJJ soulmate…



It’s all just so fun~


I’m one of those people at practice that is constantly giggling. It’s not like when I was new; I’m not laughing because I’m slightly uncomfortable and not really sure what to do. The reason why I’m laughing is because it’s just so unbelievably fun. It’s fun to put all of my body weight on someone’s stomach while practicing the armbar from mount as slow and tight as possible. It’s fun to try to stand up when I’m in someone’s guard and to then, after doing it a couple of times, stumbling around and falling on my face when I think that I finally got it down. I even think that it’s fun when they suddenly decide that it’s a great idea to tickle me when I’m stuck (don’t say that to my training partners tho, I tend to forget how to function like a human when I’m tickled so we don’t want to much of that now do we? 😜)

Last week I even dragged one of my closest friends with me to practice because she’s fun, bjj is fun, mix them all together and what do we have? An even happier Victoria 😄. Even though she only watched and took some pictures it was still really great to have her there, sadly she didn’t really feel like the whole grappling thing was for her… :/

But she took some really nice pictures while she was there!😜😍


Since it’s all just so extremely fun, I just had to tell you how fun it is so that we could all connect and talk about it! So it would be really great if you wrote a comment where you told me about something you think is really fun. Like when you somehow takes your instructors back when sparring and you’re trying to ignore the fact that he let you get there, you know, fun things 😁

BJJ is the cure for stress


When I’m going through a really stressful time, I sometimes feel like there’s so many things that I have to do but there is NO WAY for me to do them. My mind creates a wall that is impossible to get past. All the stress has almost like a paralyzing effect that I just can’t do anything about.

Well, it’s impossible when I’m not at practice. When I’m there, my wall breaks down. There is no way for me to think “I can’t do this” about anything while I am doing something that I used to deem impossible for less than a year ago.

Those 1-2 hours of practice is all it takes to shove through that wall and feel lighter. It’s just not possible to not be happy. Usually it’s literally all I need but sometimes I can still feel that big wall in my mind the day after and that’s when I know that I need to deal with that problem since it’s not going away by itself.

(OR I just need to go to practice everyday?! 😮 Maybe it’s a good thing that they don’t offer grappling everyday at my dojo. If they did, I would practically live there and my family already thinks I train too much… :p)